Soft Scar Tape
2019-08-10 03:18:08

Soft Scar Tape/Scar Reducing Emollient

Product Features:

1.Effectively prevents the formation of scar

2.Softens the initial stage of scars and prevents further hyperplasia.

3.Washable and reusable

4.Better effects against scarring with 3 months continuous use.

5.Can be cut-to-fit.

Intended Use:

1.For all early stage wounds to help prevent scar formation.

2.Use on initial stages of wound tissue to soften scars and prevent further hyperplasia.


1.Clean the skin and dressing once a day wih warm water or neutral detergent.

2.Not for use with oxidizing solutions,such as Hypochlorite solution or Hydrogen peroxide solution.Allow to air dry after cleanin.

3.Not for use on healed wounds.

4.First treatment should be between 2-4 hours,increasin by 4 hours daily,until 24 hours usage is attained,then use daily all day.

5.Discontinue use if the patient is allergis to silicone.

3.5cm *3m
4.0cm *3m
7.4cm *3m
Packing: each roll in plastic tin.



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